Is there an HP Hard Drive Docking Station?

Published: 05th May 2011
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You probably wandered in this page simply because you were seeking a hard drive docking station that's branded HP. Sadly, you will not be able to locate 1. Even though HP has a complete set of computer accessories and devices, the organization didn't release a hard drive dock.

Prior to we discover the closest to a hard drive dock that HP has to provide, let's talk about external memory systems initial.

In any device's system, the memory is possibly the most critical aspect because it's where you store all the data you produced or downloaded. While technology evolves, pc memory also develops. But quite a few pc models are old, and it's unsafe to open them up so you can install an additional disk drive.

Laptops are also unadvisable to open for that purpose. The very best and easiest answer for extra memory capacity for your PC, be it a laptop or a desktop, is utilizing an external hard disk drive. You might have a choice between a bare external difficult disk and one with an enclosure. Now let's study what every of these possibilities has to provide.

It's fairly easy to acquire 1 with enclosure due to the fact you can get one in most pc shops. You need to install it, though, and it's also not hot-swappable. The enclosure also tends to heat up the disk simply because the casing confines the disk activity. In the long-run, heating up could corrupt a disk drive's system.

Meanwhile, a bare one is fairly cheaper simply because it has no casing. But you want a hard drive docking station so that you can have the ability to operate the device. It's significantly simpler to manage your files from the PC to this simply because it doesn't need installation and it is even hot-swappable. Simply connect the device to the PC through a USB cable and it's all ready to use. Also, if you add up the cost of the bare one along with a docking station, it's still less expensive as compared to the cost of a single enclosed external hard drive.

When it comes to HP's hard drive dock, there's no such device that the company developed. However, they do have a docking device that has its own integrated hard drive for extra memory space and back-up storage. The device is called the 3-in-1 NAS Docking Station, and it's compatible to most old HP and Compaq laptops. It features complete connectivity alternatives just like a desktop's functionality, and with the built-in 160GB SATA difficult drive, you don't will need to use any external hard drive anymore, which lets you get probably the most out of a docking station.

In the event you observe, while HP has no hard drive docking station, the business has an even greater device to give. I personally suggest all HP and Compaq users to get the NAS dock due to the fact it gives all of the connectivity needs of the laptop user also as extra external memory. But in case you don't have an HP laptop or you just want an additional storage space for your PC, I give you the freedom to decide whichever external memory you would like to get.

There are more assessments and material regarding HP docking stations at my website, I'm going to furthermore let you in on a little secret: Exactly where to get them cheaper than anyplace else on the web ;) Many thanks for browsing, and best of luck!

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